Long Compton Abattoir group was set up by a group of people wanting to secure the future of an Abattoir in the South Warwickshire area. With the future of other small abattoirs hanging in the balance, it is vital we ensure this essential Rural service remains in operation.

 The loss of Long Compton abattoir would threaten the ability of the South Warwickshire and North Cotswold communities to access local well-raised meat. Fortunately, it is clear that there is significant momentum to find a solution to the potential imminent closure of this vital abattoir, guided by the Save Long Compton Abattoir Steering Group.

The Save Long Compton Abattoir Steering Group is seeking to attract a combination of private and public funding to purchase the freehold site and business to secure its future.

After our first meeting back in November with a room full of concerned customers, it was clear that there was momentum to find a solution to the imminent closure of Long Compton. Since the initial meeting, we have set up a steering group to push forward the proposal to purchase the existing business.

What has been done so far:

  • Site visit by a professional Abattoir Advisor – found in good order
  • Funding Application for £10,000 for professional writing of a business plan – Granted
  • Cotswold AONB and Warwickshire County Council funding available – In Principal
  • Appraisal and Valuation of the business and site by SBK – Completed
  • Funding Proposals – Discussed

Long Compton Abattoir needs YOU.

Be part of the success story of how Long Compton Abattoir is purchased by the farming community.

Be involved in building on this essential business which has been in operation since the 1920’s serving the people of Warwickshire and afar. This is your chance to be part of this exciting community-led project, where the Rural community is pulling together to save a rural asset. This business is essential for the viability of so many other rural businesses in the area, and is essential to uphold high animal welfare and low food miles. It is also the key to many conservation ideas where livestock are being used to rebuild and improve our soils. This is not possible without the services of a Local Abattoir.
We propose purchasing the site and business as a limited company funded by selling shares in multiples of £1000. If this is of interest to you, please head to our expression of interest form found on the tab above. In the near future, we will be hosting open evenings so potential investors can source more information about the possible returns on their investments and find out how you can play your part in this fantastic opportunity.

Should I invest in this?

Long Compton Abattoir is a well-established business which currently has a customer base of over 900 with a turnover of £1million. It Is at present processing 25-30 beasts, 100 pigs and 180 lambs per week, but is currently working at a reduced capacity. There is potential to increase this considerably with customer demand due to the fact that the future of many other small abattoirs is uncertain. We feel this is a unique opportunity to invest in a niche-expanding market. The Long Compton Site is more than just a functional abattoir, it also includes residential properties, business units and a restaurant. What an opportunity!!

Save Long Compton Abattoir is proudly supported by:

The announcement that Long Compton Abattoir (LCA) is to close in January 2024 is a devasting blow to the region. Without a thriving local abattoir, our farm businesses, grazing work, rare breeds, direct sales, butcheries, landscape recovery projects, regenerative practices, and localised food system etc. all become less viable. Animal welfare is at risk and food miles will increase.

A small team of local stakeholders are working hard to save Long Compton. We believe it is a viable business with an important role to play. Negotiations are underway and a farmer buyout via a new private company limited by shares is being considered.

The priority is to show that we can raise in excess of £3m, at pace. We are thus seeking expressions of interest from potential investors, big and small. If successful we can then progress to the next stage of negotiation.


Consider investing and becoming a shareholder

Becoming a shareholder means investing in shares in the company. Shareholders are the ultimate owners of the company and its assets. There may be a financial return (dividends) but this is not guaranteed. For administration purposes, we are currently suggesting a minimum investment of £1000 per share.

Please complete the expression of interest form and tell us more.

Would you be interested in 1, 10, 100 or 1000 shares?

If so, we would love to hear from you today. We do not need your final commitment at this stage.


Become a company director

We will need at least one company director to be responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. This would include being involved in acquisition, managing employees and financial management. Any person becoming a company director will be registered as such at Companies House and will have to comply with the legal duties and responsibilities that apply. Is this you?


Other ways you can help

• Spread the word and share our request for funding around your network.
• Complete the abattoir survey run by the North East Cotswolds Farmer Cluster here.
• Seek meat of local provenance, buying from your trusted butcher and farm shop.


Keep in touch

If you need to discuss the Long Compton campaign or investment needs in more detail please email xxxxxxxxxx or phone xxxxxxx.

Thank you so much for your support.
John Weaver – Representing the Save Long Compton Stakeholder Group